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The Home Orchard in the U.P. Class
Posted on 03.04.2015

Home Orchard Class

MFC Statement about Eden Foods
Posted on 07.11.2014

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s recent ruling in the Burwell vs Hobby Lobby lawsuit upholding Hobby Lobby’s stance to opt out of an Affordable Care Act requirement to pay for contraceptive coverage within employee health care plans, Eden Foods has joined with dozens of other companies in similar lawsuits against the federal government seeking exemption from the contraceptive coverage requirement because of religious objection.

In light of this, there have been some calls for the Marquette Food Co-op to stop purchasing, or boycott, product from Eden Foods based on the perceived infringement by Eden Foods on women’s rights to access reproductive healthcare. Eden Foods is a Michigan company that uses Michigan grown produce to make certified organic processed and dried foods. They account for about 40 SKUs on our shelves in the grocery department of our store. The products we carry from Eden Foods include canned beans, canned tomatoes, a variety of ethnic foods, and some bulk dried beans.

While some MFC members may personally disagree with Eden Foods stance on this particular issue, it is important to also consider that Eden Foods has been an industry leader in maintaining organic standards and bringing BPA- free packaging to the U.S. market. Their products are of the highest quality.

Our Co-op is owned by and comprised of over 3,700 households of diverse ethnic heritage, race, sexual orientation, politics, religion, and opinion! Plus, four out of ten shoppers are non-members. There are always individuals on either side of any issue inside or outside of our organization. We believe that we can best serve our community by continuing to focus on providing healthy foods without taking an organizational stance on the politics of this particular issue. We do, however, encourage our members and customers to “vote”, on this and other issues that arise, with their dollars by supporting those companies they like and believe in. When, for any reason, products don’t sell, we stop carrying them on our shelves. There are alternative organic products to Eden Foods products that we carry on a regular basis; Westbrae Naturals, Muir Glenn, and Field Day to name a few.

Tolerance is always a difficult path to follow. The Marquette Food Co-op will continue to work to support access to, and education, about healthy food choices, support increased capacity for local agriculture, and run the best community owned grocery store that we can in order to meet the needs of our members and community through sourcing organic, local, fair trade, and wholesome foods.

Please be assured that your Marquette Food Co-op supports women’s health and does comply with all aspects and requirements set by the Affordable Care Act for a company our size. We also offer health benefits beyond ACA requirements.

For more information, here are several links:

Eden Foods



Detroit Free Press

Siri Chand Khalsa Lecture
Posted on 09.24.2013


Siri Chand Khalsa is a thought leader on focusing awareness that food can be recognized as medicine and one of the primary foundations for health and leading through the whole life cycle. Khalsa will present at 7:30 p.m., Thursday, Sept. 26 in the Reynolds Recital Hall of the Hedgcock Building.

Hoop House Class : Seed Saving II
Posted on 07.03.2013

Seed Saving II
July 9 at 6pm
NMU Hoop House

Your garden can provide you with all the seeds you need for next year. e second part of this two-part class will demonstrate seed saving methods for different vegetables, as well as the best ways to store seed for next year.

To RSVP and get more info, call Abbey at 225-0671 x25
$5 suggested donation


UPFE on Media Meet
Posted on 07.03.2013

Click here to check out an interview with our Community Liaison Natasha Lantz, MSUE Educator Michelle Walk, and Rock River Farm Owner Rowan Bunce as they talk about local food and the Upper Peninsula Food Exchange in the U.P with Media Meet.


MI Local Food Beet
Posted on 07.03.2013

Michigan local food blogger Theresa Hogerheide recently stopped into our Co-op. Check out what she has to say at or

MI Local Food Beet

Local Farm Tour : Guindon Farms
Posted on 06.19.2013


Sunday, June 23rd

1 – 4pm

Guindon Farms
Cornell, MI

Spend the afternoon with family and friends! Tour this local farm and meet the folks who run it. Pick up a Local Farm Tour Guide for directions and information.

For additional questions contact Abbey at 225-0671 x25 /

Apples to Apples
Posted on 05.09.2013


Help Contribute to our Dream Classroom!
Posted on 05.01.2013

Now that the Co-op’s expanding, we need your help to make our dream kitchen happen! We’ve already purchased the building, but money’s tight, and there’s only one station for demo cooking in the current blueprints. We can make a better classroom! We need to raise $20,000 to fund this project. Contributions will got toward renovating the room itself, installing extra cooking stations to keep classes hands-on, extra seating, and a range of utensils to accommodate the many types of classes and workshops we offer. All contributions raised will go toward bettering the Co-op Classroom. Help by contributing to our indiegogo crowdfunding page.