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Cheese Madness 2020


Cheese Madness FAQ


  • Fill out our Cheese Madness bracket (available in the store or download one HERE)
  • Turn in completed bracket to the MFC Cheese Counter by March 18 for a chance to win
  • Sample & vote in the store (dates below)
  • One entry per person
  • No purchase necessary – FREE to enter!


Grand Prize

  • A $25 MFC Gift Card and a wedge of the winning cheese!

Important dates

Sampling & voting will happen weekly from 3:30 – 5:30pm

▶ Tuedays: March 24 & 31

▶ Thursdays: March 19 & 26, April 2

▶ Saturdays:March 21 & 28

Follow us on social media for regular updates as the competition unfolds.

Competition Winner will be announced April 3 and must claim prize no later than April 10.

All participating cheeses will start off on sale, and will be eliminated from the sale when eliminated from the competition. Want your favorite cheese on sale longer? Make sure to VOTE!

The Lineup

Moo-less Division:

Benning Goat Gouda This popular, versatile cheese has a pleasantly mild, fresh taste and pure white color. It is made from fresh goat milk, formed into the classic gouda-style wheels, and aged to give it great light taste and a creamy smooth texture. This is a great cheese to melt, slice, or grate. It pairs well with dark beer, sauvignon blanc, and fruit.

3-Month Sheep Milk Manchego Complex and elegant, the flavors and fresh aromas of Manchego are reminiscent of flowers, nuts, and lavender. Aged three months, this mild and smooth Manchego is a fan favorite and pairs well with shiraz, sherry and rioja wines, as well as blonde beers.

Soft Division:

Couronne Brie A bona fide party favorite, this well-loved French cheese is encased in an edible rind. Its tender interior carries a mellow, memorable flavor. This earthy brie, delicious at room temperature or baked, pairs well with merlot, pale ale, and champagne.

St. Rocco Brie This triple creme brie is soft-ripened with an edible rind. It has a buttery flavor, creamy texture, and is mildly tangy with earthy, mushroom notes.

Firm Division:

Old Amsterdam Gouda Old Amsterdam’s most distinctive characteristic is its beautiful balance of savory-sweet flavor. This classic gouda, aged one year, pairs well with chutneys, apples, merlot, and cabernet.

BellaVitano Balsamic Imagine a cheese that combines the best parts of cheddar and parmesan. BellaVitano is a crumbly, sweet, and nutty Wisconsin original will make you want to go to Mambo, Italy. It pairs well with pale ale.

Semi Division:

Jim’s Aged White Cheddar Jim’s two-year aged white cheddar is the classic household staple that is great for both cooking and snacking. It’s simple, yet a true crowd-pleaser.

Prairie Breeze Cheddar Four-time blue ribbon winner, this Iowa cheddar is tasty, tangy, and crumbly. Made by the Musser family using the milk of their herd and the herds of their Amish neighbors, you can taste the farmer’s dedication. Their herds never top 65 and the cows graze every season but winter.