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Become a Vendor

Thank you for your interest in the Marquette Food Co-op. We proudly support nearby suppliers of high quality goods as a way to make our local economies stronger. Please understand that we receive many new product solicitations and that there is no guarantee the Co-op will carry your product.

Read the following information carefully to find out how to become a vendor.

Step 1: Determine Your Product Category

  • Local: Products produced, gathered, or grown in any part of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.
  • Regional: Products produced, gathered or grown in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, Wisconsin, or Minnesota.
  • National: This form is intended for local and regional products only. Please contact for more information.

Step 2: Digest This Information

Many factors influence our buyers’ decisions. As watchdogs for our owners and shoppers, as well as our community’s health, we expect the highest standards in the products we offer. We are looking for products of superior quality and ethical integrity, which have attractive and environmentally-friendly packaging, are in demand, come market-ready, and can be supplied on a regular basis. Your products must consistently meet these standards in order for us to purchase from you.

We will request a wholesale price list, which includes the production capacity for each product. We do not determine what you should charge for your products—this is up to you, based on what you need to be profitable. Keep in mind that freight, fuel, and handling costs imposed on us will be added to the shelf price of your product; set your wholesale price accordingly. The produce department sets their prices according to the current market.

Please DO NOT drop off samples or products. We will let you know if samples are necessary. Simply provide us with the following:

  • Completed Local Vendor Application
  • Wholesale price list (including production capacity for each product), if applicable
  • Promotional materials, such as business cards or brochures

We will contact you within one month of submitting your application, to let you know if we are interested in what you have to sell. If we decide to carry your product(s), one of our buyers will work with you to determine the quantity of your product our store will likely purchase. Once we have established a working relationship with you, our Co-op will place orders for your product(s) based on an agreed upon ordering system. You will be expected to provide licenses and permits if they pertain to you, and, in certain cases, we may ask for proof of liability insurance.

If you have specific questions or issues that need to be discussed with a department manager before submitting your application, your best avenue is via email.

Grocery Department:
Produce Department:
Wellness & General Merchandise Department:
Meat & Seafood Department:
Prepared Foods Department (Kitchen):

General questions should be directed to Local Food Projects Coordinator, Courtney, at 906-225-0671 x726 /

Step 3: Complete the Vendor Application.

You will need to attach a wholesale price list and any other promotional materials you may have to the end of the application.

Step 4: Wait for a Response from the Marquette Food Co-op

You will receive a response from a department manager within one month of submitting your application to let you know whether or not we are interested in your product(s).

Local Vendor Application