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502 W. Washington St. Marquette, MI


Marquette Food Co-op
502 W. Washington St.
Marquette, MI 49855

Open daily, 8am to 9pm (10pm in the summer). We close for certain holidays and cooperative activities, which are posted in-store and on our websites. We may also close for especially inclement weather—please call before braving the storm.

Department Extensions

Call 225-0671 and choose from the following extensions

  • General Manager: Matt x710
  • Operations Manager: Mary x717
  • Outreach Director & UPFE contact: Sarah x723
  • Human Resources Director: Dave x714
  • Customer Service Manager: Matt x716
  • Grocery & Wellness Manager: Jess x702
  • Kitchen, Meat & Seafood Manager: Heidi x703
  • Produce Manager: Bri x730
  • Marquette Baking Co. Manager: Caben 906-228-3777
  • Owner Services Coordinator: Pamela x701
  • Promotions Coordinator: Brigitte x724
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator: Kelsie x725
  • Graphic Designer: Chad x721
  • Education Coordinator: Amanda x727
  • Local Food Projects Coordinator: Eli x726
  • Finance Manager: Kat x715
  • Receiving Department: Matt x704

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